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Donation to the RNSH Neonatal Intensive Car Unit

Dear Stephen and Roslyn,

This letter is to express our sincere thanks for your very generous donation of an ultrasound transducer (8C-micro convex transducer – cost $8,494) for our neonatal intensive care unit and your promise of more to come!

The ultrasound transducer is now fully operational in our neonatal nursery and is being used to provide ultrasound pictures of our babies’ brains, hearts, and internal organs. Information gained using the ultrasound transducer is invaluable in helping us to guide management of our extremely sick, fragile infants.

We would love to show you the ultrasound transducer in operation. I will be away for two to three weeks over Easter and the school holiday but I will contact you when I return to arrange a time for you to come and visit our unit.

Thank you again for your generous donation.

With kind regards,

Dr Jennifer Bowen, Neonatal Paediatrician
On behalf of the Department of Neonatology
28 March 2007