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Bargain buy a bonus, Jan 1994
1 January 1994

Bargain buy a bonus

Kids Like Brett Campaign founder, Steve Jones, drove a “hard bargain” when he bought a life-saving machine for the Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital.

Hospital staff had requested a “luminometer” worth $42,000.

But the North Sydney resident, anxious to make the most of his charity’s “hard-raised” funds, negotiated with the manufacturers to drive the price down to $33,500.

Steve Jones presented the machine to the hospital last month.

The luminometer tests for abnormal cell activity in the blood and can accurately detect immune deficiencies.

“It would want to be able to do something for $33,500”, Steve said.

“I tell you it doesn’t look very exciting!”

Steve said one person who did get excited about the purchase was a technician in the hospital’s laboratory.

He said the worker was like a child with a “brand new toy” and his enthusiasm had made the hard work worthwhile.

The Kids Like Brett Campaign has raised more than $100,000 to buy equipment for Australian hospitals.

Steve’s son Brett was born in 1990 with Nezelhof’s Disease, an illness which affects the immune system. At 12 months, Brett underwent life-saving bone marrow transplant surgery.

The experience prompted Steve to form the Kids Like Brett Campaign, believing that better equipment would give sick children a better chance of survival.

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