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Donation for Ultrasound Equipment

Dear Mr Jones

On behalf of Royal North Shore Hospital Radiology, I wish to thank you and your Campaign for your generous donation earlier this year.

The donation has enabled Radiology to purchase a new high-resolution ultrasound probe. This probe has been bought specifically to enable examination of the newborn brain. As you probably know, newborns especially premature newborn babies are particularly prone to brain abnormalities. This relates to the systemic stress that they are under and the only partially developed blood supply in these infants.

The accurate detection and characterisation of these abnormalities as well as other congenital abnormalities is crucial to the best management of these babies and providing the best prognostic information to doctors and the parents.

Royal North Shore Hospital is extremely grateful for the help of donors such as yourselves and your organisation. These donations have a significant impact on our ability to delivery the best in health care. Thanks, again.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Steven Blome, Director of Radiology
Royal North Shore Hospital Radiology Department
18 May 2007